IMPACT Radio Accessories does not warrant the safety or effectiveness of charging Li-Polymer batteries in our chargers unless the battery make and model is specifically noted on this cup list.

  Cup Part # Radio Models Supported
Select Connector MOT-1 GP300, P110, GP350, P1225/LS, LTS2000, GTX/LTR
Select Connector MOT-2 HT750, HT1250LS, HT1550/LS/XLS, MTX850/LS, MTX950, MTX8250/LS, MTX9250, EX500, EX560, EX600, EX600XLS, GL200, PRO5150, PRO7150, PRO9150, PR860, Infinity P-1000, P1010
Select Connector MOT-3 P040, P080, GP308, GP88S, CT150, CT250, CT450/LS, PRO3150
Select Connector MOT-5/7 HT1000, MTX838, MTX1000, JT1000, MT1500, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX900, MTX9000, MTZ2000, MTX8000, MTXLS, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, PR1500, XTS1500, XTS2500, GP900
Select Connector MOT-8 HT600, HT800, MT1000, P200, P210, MTX800
Select Connector MOT-11 CP150, CP200/CP200d, PR400
Select Connector MOT-12 VL130, BC120, CP125, AXV5100, AXU4100, GP2000 - Special Order Only
Select Connector MOT-13 MAG ONE/BPR40, BC130
Select Connector MOT-15 MOTO TRBO, XPR3300, XPR3350, XPR3550, XPR6300, XPR6350, XPR6380, XPR6500, XPR6550, XPR6580, XPR7000, XPR7350, XPR7500, XPR7550, RM Series, DP2400/2600, APX900, APX1000, APX3000, APX4000
*Battery Only: PMMN4409
Select Connector MOT-18 Motorola CP185
Select Connector MOT-19 APX 6000, 7000, 8000
SPX 2200
Select Connector KEN-1 Radio Models: TK-190/290/390, TK-260/360, TK-270, TK-272G, TK-278,
TK-280/380/480, TK-370, TK-372G, TK-2100/3100, TK-3101, TK-3130, TK-3131, TK-481, TK-5400, TH-K2AT
Battery Models: KNB14, KNB15, KNB16, KNB17, KNB17L, KNB20, KNB21, KNB22, KNB52
Select Connector KEN-3 Radio Models: TK-2140/3140, TK2160/3160, TK2170/3170, TK2360/3360, TK3173, TH-072A, Nexedge NX220/320, NX-3300
Battery Models: KNB24L, KNB25A, KNB26N, KNB35L, KNB40LC, KNB55L, KNB56N, KNB57L, KNB-79
Select Connector KEN-4 Radio Models: TK-2200/3200, TK-2202,/3202, TK-2300/3300, TK-2302/3302, TK-2312/3312, TK2402/3402/4402
Battery Models: KNB29, KNB30
Select Connector KEN-5 Radio Models: TK-2180/3180, TK-2180MPT/3180MPT, TK-5210/5310/5410,
TK-5220/5320, Nexedge NX200, NX210, NX300, NX410
Battery Models: KNB31, KNB32, KNB33L, I.S. battery KNB-41NC, KNB43L, KNB47L, KNB48L, KNB49PL, KNB50NC, KNB54N
Select Connector KEN-6 Radio Models: TK2202/3202/4202, TK2212/3212/4212, TK2300/3300/4300, TK2302/3302/4302, TK2312/3312/4312, TK2402/3402/4402
Battery Models: KNB45L
Select Connector IC-2 F3GT/F4GT, F3GS/4GS, F21, F21S, F22, F30GT/40GT, F30G/F40G, F11
Battery Models: BP195, BP196, BP208, BP209, BP210, *BP-211 not supported*
Select Connector IC-4 F50/F50V, F60/F60V
Battery Models:BP227, BP227FM
Select Connector IC-5 F70DT/80DT, F70T/80T, F70DS/80DS, F70S/80S, F9011T/9021T, F9011S/9021S, F9011B/9021B
Battery Models: BP237, BP253, BP254
Select Connector IC-6 F3001/4001
Battery Models: BP264.
Not Supported: BP265
Select Connector MOT-15 VXD-720 Series
APX 900, 1000, 3000, 4000
Select Connector VY-1 VX110, VX150,VX160, VX180, VX210,VX400, VX410, VX800, VXA12, VXA120, VXA200, BC90, BC95, VX414, VX417, VX420
Select Connector VY-4 Battery Only: VX821, VX871, VX824, VX874, VX829, VX879
Radio & Battery or Battery Only: VX921, VX971, VX924, VX974, VX929, VX979
Select Connector VY-5 Radio Models: VX354, VX351 (FNB-V96Li). *VX230 Series(For Multi-bank chargers, requires V4).
Battery Models: FNB-V103Li, FNB-V104Li
Select Connector VY-6 Radio Models: VX450, VX451, VX454, VX459
Battery Models: FNB-V112Li, FNB-V113Li
Select Connector VY-7 NEW, In Stock!
Radios:VX-231, VX-261, VX-264, VX-350, VX-450, EVX-530 Series.
Radio & Batteries: V127LI-UNI, V131LI-UNI, V133LI-UNI.
Battery Only: V126LI-UNI, V128LI-UNI, V129LI-UNI, V130LI-UNI, V132LI-UNI, V134LI-UNI.
Harris / M/A Com / Tyco:
Select Connector MA-7 Jaguar 700P, P5100 series, P5200 Series, P7100 Series, P7200 Series.
Unity XG-100P(Battery Only)
Select Connector MA-8 P7300, P5500, P5400, P5300, XG-25, and XG-75 - for use in V4 only
Relm/Bendix King:
Select Connector KEN-1 RPV Series
Select Connector RBK-1Li E, G & L Series, DPH 9.6V Li-ion Batteries
Note: Requires -V4 version charger
Select Connector RBK-1Ni E, G & L Series, DPH 9.6V Ni-Cd & Ni-MH Batteries
Note: Requires -V4 version charger
Select Connector RBK-2 Radio Models: KNG-P150/150T2, P400/400T2, P500/500T2, P800/800T2
Batteries Supported: KAA0100-PW, KAA0100/IS.
Batteries NOT SUPPORTED: KAA0101, KAA0120.
Note: Requires -V4BK version charger.
Select Connector NOV-1 Novel NP-60, Entel HX series, Ritron SLX series
Select Connector ENT-2 Entel HT series
EF Johnson:
Select Connector EFJ-4 EF Johnson 5100 series. Replaces EFJ-3. Supports latest Li-Ion battery models and all other chemistries.
5100ES series, 51 Fire ES, 51LT ES, 51Sl ES series, ASCEND ES series, AN/PRC-127EFJ
Select Connector EFJ-5 Viking VP600/900, FIRE
Select Connector TA-2 TP8100 and 9400 Series
V4 Charger required
Select Connector TA-3 TP7110 Series
Select Connector HYT-2 TC500-U1/U2, TC500-V1/V2, Blackbox
Select Connector HYT-6 PD500, PD502, PD508, PD700, PD702, PD708, PD780, PD782, PD602.