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First and foremost, our priority is the health and safety of our employees and their families, and also the continuation of service to our valued partners.

We have taken numerous precautions and instated new protocols to protect our staff and minimize any possible spread of the virus. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our team and their families while we serve our valued partners and at the highest possible level.

Inventory Levels are Strong

Every year in December, we stock up heavily on inventory in both our U.S. and Canadian warehouses in anticipation of the factory holiday break. This year we, fortunately, increased that inventory level significantly allowing us to weather the long factory shutdowns.

On a bright note, our factories in Asia are now reopening after a prolonged shutdown. Fulfillment and logistic centers are also operational this week. Not only is this great news for our supply chain, it is a bright light at the end of this tunnel that we will also see the resumption of normal business and social activity in due course.

Supporting Those on the Front Line

We are well stocked with radio accessories our healthcare workers, first-responders and security personnel need. 

For all healthcare environments including hospitals, clinics, and senior’s homes, we advise the use of all Gold Earpiece Kits due to their unique Snaptight™ feature that allows users to select from 12 different fully interchangeable earpiece options, this series is cost-effective and hygienic. Staff can easily interchange the earpieces during shift changes, ensuring their earpieces remain only with them.

For Public Safety including First Responders and security personnel, we advise the use of our entire line of Platinum heavy-duty accessories. In particular, our rugged Platinum Earpieces and our Waterproof Speaker Microphones, which can be safely wiped with disinfectant and cleaned with soap and hot water.

Free, No-Touch, Drop-Ship Service for Dealers

Impact gives dealers the option to ship directly to their customers! Your office may be shut down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to service your customers with Impact. Here’s how works:

  • You can provide us with your packing list for the end-user, which we will affix to the package
  • We will adjust the “ship from” address on the shipping label to a generic distribution center address so the customer doesn’t know it’s coming directly from Impact
  • If you do not want to, or cannot provide a packing list for the shipment, there is an option for the orders desk to send the packing list that only lists the customer’s details and does not include any Impact information

Not Sure What to Order? We Can Help.

If you have any questions or requests, we are here to help! Call or email our service department at 1-866-532-9005 or sales@impactcomms.com. You can also order anytime through this website.

On behalf of our entire Impact Team, we wish you all well. Stay safe!

Keith Kostek
Impact Radio Accessories

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