10 Ways Impact Can Help Dealers With Marketing.

At Impact, we are dedicated to the success and growth of our valued dealers. To amplify your business by leaps and bounds, we are thrilled to offer comprehensive in-house marketing support. Here’s a closer look at our top 10 favorite ways we can assist you in taking your dealership to new heights.

1. Private Labeling & Mock-ups 

For orders of 50 or more of our platinum accessories, we provide the option to private label them with your company’s logo. Now, your business can take credit for our exceptional products, including two-wire surveillance kits, speaker mics, chargers, and heavy-duty dual muff headsets. Unsure about private labelling? No worries – we offer mock-ups upon request to showcase what your customized products can look like. 

2. Tradeshow Support  

Navigating the preparations for tradeshows can feel like an overwhelming task, but with our comprehensive support, it’s a breeze. We offer a range of resources to ensure your success, from tailored unbranded brochures showcasing specific product lines – like our diverse selection of public safety accessories – to engaging marketing materials and dynamic product demos. But that’s not all. Dealers can also take advantage of Market Development Funds to ease booth costs and even opt for a partnership where Impact attends the event with them, amplifying their presence and impact. With our assistance, you’ll make a lasting impression at tradeshows, offering potential client’s valuable insights while keeping the spotlight squarely on your brand.  

3. Unbranded Sell Sheets   

Arming your sales team with effective collateral is essential, and our unbranded sell sheets are designed for just that. These materials highlight Impact accessories without explicitly mentioning our brand, offering flexibility for dealers to shape their presentations as needed. This allows your sales team to focus on the features and benefits of the products, emphasizing their unique selling points. Want your logo on it? Just ask!

4. Comparison Graphics 

To support dealers in showcasing the superiority of Impact accessories over out-of-stock OEM alternatives, we offer custom comparison graphics. These visuals are crafted with precision and detail, providing compelling evidence to guide customer decisions. With advanced notice, our dedicated team ensures that the comparison graphics align seamlessly with your sales presentations, offering a powerful tool to influence purchasing choices. 

5. Ad Creative

Dealers can now save on graphic design expenses by leveraging our professionally crafted ad creatives. Whether you want to highlight your best Impact accessories or request specific product graphics, our team is ready to customize visuals that align with your marketing goals. This service streamlines the promotional process, ensuring that your marketing materials are not only effective but also cost-efficient. 

6. Social Media Posts on Latest Releases

Staying ahead in the market is crucial, and our social media support extends to sharing impactful posts on the latest Impact product releases. Dealers can amplify their online presence by using our posts as they are or by requesting private labelling mock-ups. This way, you can keep your audience engaged and informed about the most recent additions to your product lineup. 

7. Product Training Webinars for Sales Teams

Knowledge is power, and our commitment to your success is evident in our product training webinars. If certain products would benefit from additional training for your sales team, our experts are ready to provide comprehensive online sessions. We go the extra mile by offering meetings with larger customers, ensuring that your team is well-equipped to effectively communicate the features, benefits, and specifications of our entire product lineup.

8. Website & Online Profile Consultation

In an era where online presence is paramount, our in-house marketing team is dedicated to assisting dealers in optimizing their websites and online profiles. With our experienced eyes and keyboards at the ready, we provide valuable insights and recommendations on how to enhance your online visibility. This service aims to empower dealers, enabling them to sell more effectively in the digital landscape. 

9. Product Images upon request 

Visual representation is key in marketing, and we understand the importance of having high-quality product images. Dealers can request specific product images, whether it’s showcasing a particular connector or adapter or combining multiple accessories. Our team is committed to delivering tailored images that align with your marketing requirements, ensuring your promotional materials are visually compelling. 

10. Co-Hosting Industry Roundtables.

Engaging with your customer base is essential for building lasting relationships. Consider hosting industry roundtables on platforms like LinkedIn to facilitate discussions on radios, accessories, and product highlights. Our team is not only willing but eager to join these conversations and answer any accessory-related questions or concerns. This collaborative approach enhances customer engagement and establishes your dealership as a knowledge hub in the industry. 

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