5 Reasons Businesses Choose 2-Way Radios over Smartphones

Although nearly everyone has access to a smartphone these days, there’s a reason businesses are still opting to use 2-way radios over cellphones for their communication needs. Here, we’ll outline the major advantages that radios can offer in the workplace.

1. Cost-Effective Solution

2-way radios have one upfront cost, along with the cost of accessories and chargers to keep your equipment running. Smartphones on the other hand often have a hefty initial cost, along with high monthly bills that are subject to change based on usage (especially in Canada, where users pay some of the highest cell phone bills in the world). When you factor in the extensive warranties that many 2-way radios offer, they are generally a far more cost-effective method of communication compared to smartphones.

2. Sturdy, Heavy-Duty Options Available

Most smartphones were not designed for heavy-duty applications involving dirt or moisture, and tend to break easily when dropped. 2-way radios, on the other hand, are designed to be more rugged and come in various Ingress Protection Ratings which specify the level of protection the device offers against solid foreign objects and liquid.

3. Better Signal and Coverage

In areas with no signal or poor reception, communicating via smartphones can be virtually impossible. Since 2-way radios use their own airwaves rather than satellite towers shared by cell phone users, the coverage is much more reliable, even during the busiest usage times. Especially in emergency situations, being able to communicate in real time is crucial.

4. Longer Battery Life

Smartphone batteries tend to drain quickly, especially with heavy use throughout the day. Conversely, 2-way radio batteries are now designed to last longer than ever, with some models offering up to 29 hours of use between charges. With a radio, you can also swap out the battery for a fully charged one rather than needing to charge the entire device.

5. Higher Sound Quality

In noisy environments such as construction sites, warehouses, or large events, it can be extremely difficult to communicate effectively on a smartphone. 2-way radios are designed to address these issues, and noise-cancelling accessories can be added to further block out background noise.

2-Way Radios Are Ideal for Many Applications

Various industries are already taking advantage of the benefits of using radio communications on the job. With the wide range of accessories and options available today, such as earpieces that allow for situational awareness or noise blocking, bone conduction devices, and molded gel ear inserts, you can customize your 2-way radio communication equipment to suit your unique needs.

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