Top 3 Radio Accessories for Amusement Parks

Top 3 Radio Accessories for Amusement Parks.

North America is home to over 400 Amusement Parks!

Amusement Parks are everywhere from the smallest of towns to the largest of cities. Many parks still use outdated telephone and intercom systems for communication. Portable 2-Way radios and accessories can help increase efficiency and response times while improving the guests experience by limiting unwanted, distracting noise from loud speakers.  When choosing Impact 2-way audio accessories and chargers you’ll save money on a better product with longer warranty and cut down on radio noise which carries around most parks.

In the 400+  Amusement Parks there are more than 1.3 Million employees.

These accessories are the ideal solutions for Safety Inspectors, Medical Staff, Concert Staff, Parking Attendants, Customer Service and Park Reps, Mascots, Ride Operators, Cleaning Crews, Security, Management and Maintenance Workers.

The TOP 3 Selling Products to Amusement Parks in North America.

1 and 2 Wire Earpieces

1. G1W and G2W

IMPACT™ offers 12 different earpieces for every possible application and fit. Our exclusive Snaptight™ connector allows you to easily snap on the earpiece of your choice.

Best Selling Speaker Mic

2. PRSM-HD3 

Built Stronger to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. This Mic has crystal clear audio, replaceable clip, standard 3.5mm accessory port for an earpiece addition (PRSMA), Kevlar™ reinforced coil cabling, dust, water, vibration and wind resistant. Best part is this Mic carries a 3 Year Warranty.

Universal, Rapid Six Bank Desktop Charger 

3. AC/DC-6LC

An internal power supply (not in-line) and space saving design makes this the perfect multi-charger for small spaces. With adapter cups available for almost every portable ever made, the AC/DC-6LC is simply the most versatile, feature packed and cost effective bank charger on the market!

Find out if it works with your radio.

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