Two Way Radios Help You Get the Best From Your School

Two Way Radios Help You Get the Best From Your School

More and more schools, college campuses and other educational facilities in North America are choosing to harness the power of two-way radios and accessories to support them in their endeavors to keep their facilities, and those who use them, as safe as possible also making their jobs much easier and stress-free to manage.  Two way radios are the perfect tool for improving your operational efficiency, allowing school leaders and school security advisers to quickly and efficiently ensure the safety and well-being of all their students, and any other guests visiting their campus in an unobtrusive and non-threatening way.

Immediate Communication

Two way radios enable communication and allow messages to be shared quickly and easily among staff members. Two way radios do not operate the same way as mobile phones where staff members could simply use their cell phones as a cost effective equivalent solution: with a two way radio contact is immediate and isn’t influenced by mobile network issues or signal. That means that if there is a crisis that blocks out cell phone communications in your area or you are in a signal ‘black spot’ you will still be able to communicate clearly and easily if you are using two-way radios. As the channel that you are communicating across would be for school use only, it also means that you will always find the channel clear when you most need it to be: the additional benefit of this also means that the network couldn’t be abused or misappropriated, and used for purposes that it wasn’t intended to be used for.

Ease and Cost Efficiency

Many schools are large and sprawling buildings, where communicating quickly with staff members working in all corners of the building and grounds without the support of a radio system can be difficult and time consuming.  However although many school leaders want to support their staff, they are also weary of investing in anything too expensive to support their staff when there are so many other things they no doubt feel they should be investing their meager funds in for the benefit of their students. However, from a financial point of view, there are many benefits of choosing to use radio systems within your own school environment; as these systems are relatively affordable security measures with low purchase and installation costs, that means that any maintenance and essential insurance coverage that you need to protect your purchase will also be very low. Ideal for public schools where costs are key.

Essential For Security Staff

If your school employs its own team of security and security support staff then two-way radios and relevant accessories really should make up the essential equipment that those teams need to function optimally and ensure the safety of everyone on your property. Since 28 students were shot and killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, it has been reported that there have been an incredible 74 school shootings or incidences of school gun violence. With two-way radios and other technological developments to help security staff communicate with each other and with teachers and other support staff in the school, information about any potential security breaches can be shared quickly and efficiently, allowing staff to protect and secure their students in as short a time frame as possible. This could actually be the difference between life or death.                                                                 

Managing the safety and well being of hundreds of young people can be very stressful, and an incredibly difficult task to undertake, particularly in our current climate of school violence and school attacks. There are many different security options for school and college campuses, but two-way radio is clearly the best choice if you’re looking for a solution that is affordable, reliable, and that really works. Not only can these help to mitigate the stress that many school leaders feel in having to deal with such a huge spectrum of individuals at the same time, they can also ensure that all of the staff members within the school environment maintain their peace of mind. 

Recommended Radio Accessories for Schools.

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