Two-Way Radio Explained. Part 3. Why Not Other Wireless Systems?

Why Not Other Wireless System?

Every wireless technology has their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of which technology is the most suitable for one’s organization depends on whether that particular technology can meet the user requirement.

For those users who need to:

  • Work in a group
  • Communicate instantly
  • Need to be Mobile

Two-way radio can be considered as the appropriate solution compared to other wireless technology. 2 Reasons why other wireless technology, such as public cellular network, may not be able to meet the above requirement:

  • Communicate Instantly

Imagine you are in the field and face an emergency situation and need to communicate immediately to declare your situation. If you are using a cellular phone, for example, you need to dial a number, wait for a while when the call is being set-up and connected, ring at the other side and finally answered. This process can take a few seconds and during that valuable time, your emergency situation can worsen.

With two-way radio, you just press the PTT button and shout out “emergency” to get attention and immediate help. Of course, this is assuming that RF channels are available. We will discuss later on two-way radio features that can overcome RF channel congestion and give highest priority for emergency users, a feature that’s not available in other wireless technology.

  • Group communication

Say you need to inform your 5 staff that a meeting has been rescheduled. If you call them one-by-one, it will take some time. With two-way radio, you just select your talk-group and press the PTT button and talk to your 5 staff members at the same time. Now, just imagine if you need to broadcast your message to 1000 staff in the field.

While some wireless systems allow group calling, it typically limits the number of group members that you can talk at one time. With two-way radio, you just need to “talk once and be heard by many”.



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