Two-Way Radio Explained. Part 2. Why Two-Way?

Why Two-Way Radio?

With various wireless technology options and two-way radio being one of the “earliest” wireless technologies, one may question whether two-way radio is still a viable technology today. The answer is yes and the following are the 2 ways that uniquely differentiate two-way radio to other wireless technology:

  1. Instant communication

Two-way radio provides instant communication. Users just need to press the “Push-To-Talk” (PTT) button and within fraction of a second, this user can immediately talk to convey his/her messages. This is due to a quick call set-up time imbedded in the technology. This instant communication capability is one of the key factors of why many organizations rely on two-way radio for their tactical or operational communications.

  1. Group communication

Another distinct feature of two-way radio is its capability to facilitate “one-to-many” group communication (also known as “group call”) very efficiently. By efficient means that one user can talk to one, five, tens, hundreds, thousands of users at the same time. Users don’t need to repeat the same message over and over again if they need to convey to more than one user. In addition, two-way radio performs the group communication using minimum RF channel resources. If all users reside in the same area, most of the time, you only need one channel resource to talk to these hundreds of users.



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