4 Reasons to choose Two-way Radios over Cell Phones

One question that Impact’s sales reps hear frequently is why should an organization choose to use two way radios instead of cell phones. Cell phones are definitely a great option for keeping teams connected, especially when there’s a large distance between team members, but for those teams where distance isn’t an issue, it’s tough to beat the benefits of a two-way radio system. Below are 4 reasons to consider a two-way radio solution for your organization instead of cell phones:

One-to-Many- Communication

With cell phones, you are constrained to one-to-one communication. To get your message across to all those that need to hear it, you need to call each team member individually. When you have a large team this can be a time-consuming task. Two-way radio systems allow you to broadcast your message to your entire team simultaneously. In situations where timely information distribution is critical, you can’t beat two-way radios.

Increased reception and reliability

Cell phones are vulnerable to dropped calls, poor reception areas, and dead zones. When dealing with an emergency situation, clear and reliable communication is mandatory. Two-way radios are engineered for strong reception in variable environments ensuring that your message can be delivered loud and clear.

Longer Battery Life

In high use environments, cell phone batteries are quickly depleted resulting in a lot of time seeing the cell phone tethered to a charger. Two-way radios have a significantly longer charge storage time ensuring that your radio is ready when you need it.

Long term cost savings

Though the upfront set up costs for an organizations two-way radio solution can be higher than that of cell phones, the long-term ongoing costs are significantly lower. Unlike cell phones which require a monthly plan for each phone, two-way radios do not require an expensive subscription to operate. As well, two-way radio hardware tends to have a much longer life span compared to cell phones.

There are a number of other reasons to use two-way radios over cell phones, but the 4 points mentioned enough should be enough to build a strong use case for most organizations. IMPACT works with two-way radio dealers across North America so if you are interested in developing a two-radio solution for your organization, let us know and we will introduce you to one of our dealers.

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