Why Bone Induction Two-Way Radio Accessories Are Ideal for Public Safety

Clear, instant communication is crucial for public safety applications such as police and military use. Public safety users are often operating in noisy environments, which can make traditional communication methods less effective.

That’s where specialized two-way radio accessories such as bone induction/throat mics and bone conduction headsets can come in handy.

Bone Induction/Throat Mics

Unlike regular microphones, throat microphones pick up the user’s voice using the vibrations of the vocal cords. This allows the radio user to transmit in loud environments and still be heard clearly. Some models are designed specifically for heavy-duty use, including features like dual throat mics for enhanced transmission, fully submersible chemical resistant construction, and adjustable throat bands for greater comfort.

These microphones are ideal for tactical and covert scenarios, since the throat mic is capable of picking up even whisper-volume transmissions and isn’t dependent on the user’s voice volume.

Bone Conduction Headsets

Similarly, bone conduction allows you to hear sound through vibration in your jawbones and cheekbones. Bone conduction headsets leave the ears open, allowing for full situational awareness. This means that public safety users can stay aware of their surroundings in dangerous situations while still receiving important communications.

Specialized Applications Require Specialized Two-Way Radio Accessories

When it comes to police and military applications, specialized equipment is a worthwhile investment to improve both user and public safety. Be sure to buy from a trusted supplier with a great track record and hassle-free warranty on all accessories.

Impact Radio Accessories is a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique communication products including surveillance earpieces for a range of industries and applications including public safety, security, hospitality, and others. Contact us today to learn more about our product offering!

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