Quality Radio Accessories for Law Enforcement Personnel

By Mark Olsen on September 21, 2021

In law enforcement, where a second can make all the difference, personnel must be equipped with the best quality accessories for their two-way radios. The number one priority for law enforcement personnel is ensuring safety. Two-way radios are an essential…

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Why Bone Conduction Two-Way Radio Accessories Are Ideal for Public Safety

By Mark Olsen on September 16, 2020

Clear, instant communication is crucial for public safety applications such as police and military use. Public safety users are often operating in noisy environments, which can make traditional communication methods less effective. That’s where these 3 specialized two-way radio accessories…

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Keeping Cops Safe on Duty with Two-Way Radio Accessories

By Mark Olsen on April 10, 2019

For police officers, safety is always the top priority. Most police forces are already using two-way radios to communicate, since they allow officers to stay in contact at all times, they provide reliable coverage across large distances, and many radios…

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Situational Awareness vs. Noise Blocking: Choosing the Right Earpiece for Your Application

By Mark Olsen on July 24, 2018

When choosing an earpiece for a specific application, a major consideration will be whether you require noise cancelling or situational awareness. Generally, you cannot have both without getting into high-end, specialized audio accessories. So, how do you know whether to…

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Check out the new IMPACT Tactical Team Video!

By Mark Olsen on May 31, 2016

Impact Radio Accessories are trusted by the most advanced public safety organizations. Watch us in action.…

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