Why Buy 2-Way Radio Accessories From a Dealer?

If you’re in an industry that uses 2-way radio equipment and accessories, it may be difficult to know where to buy from: direct from the supplier, or through a third-party dealer? Here, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of buying your 2-way radio equipment through a third-party supplier.

More Choice

Manufacturers like Impact are only part of the solution. We offer audio accessories and radio battery chargers, but we don’t manufacture or sell the radios, systems, infrastructure, batteries, and so on. Typically, 2-way radio dealers offer all of these products and from multiple sources, so buying accessories through a dealer gives the end-user a much bigger selection to choose from.

Service for all Your Radio Needs

Along with more choice, you will typically get a higher level of after-sale service for all of your 2-way radio needs through a dealer. As far as product support, Impact’s expertise lies in accessories and chargers. The dealer receives training from all product suppliers and would have the best all-around knowledge of the industry, its products, and the user’s needs.

In-Person Support

Dealers tend to have sales reps on the ground, available for in-person meetings and on-site consultations. This is ideal for those who are looking for more personalized support throughout the buying process. Buying direct from suppliers is generally done over phone, email, and web, and therefore less personal in nature.

Package Deals

In some cases, dealer pricing can be more attractive, especially if the user is buying more than just audio accessories and chargers. Some dealers selling various items to the same end-user may choose to bundle or package the products in a way that brings the total cost down compared to if the end-user bought all the items from the various product suppliers.

Support Local Business

When you buy from local dealers, you’re supporting local business. While BearCom is the largest and most widespread dealer out there, many dealerships are small ma and pa, family-run businesses that could use the support.

Ask Your Dealer to Carry Your Preferred Products

If your dealer doesn’t already carry the 2-way radio brand or equipment you prefer, you can always ask them to get those products in stock. Many dealers will be happy to oblige and keep their customers satisfied.

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