Quick-Release Metal Wall-Mount Bracket for 6-Bank AC/DC Two-Way Radio Battery Chargers

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This is a 6-way quick-release metal wall-mount bracket radio battery charger for an AC/DC-6 charger. It is not compatible with the AC/DC-6LC.

Its heavy-duty coated steel bracket is easily mounted on the wall using the included hardware. The design allows the user to easily mount or remove the AC/DC-6 charger from the bracket by inserting or removing the rubber stopper strip. This feature allows the user to quickly remove the charger for use in DC mode when necessary.

Perfect for public safety, warehousing, manufacturing and distribution facilities or any application with a large radio fleet and little space for storing it.

Weights and Measurements:

  • 3.9lb for the bracket on its own
  • 9lb with the AC/DC-6 attached
  • Dimensions: (l) 18" x (w) 8" x (h) 6"

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