3 Specialty Accessories for Two-Way Radios You Should Know About

Impact offers specialty accessories for two-way radios that are ideal for working in noisy and safety-sensitive environments where traditional communication methods are not as effective.

These 3 specialty accessories are essential for users who can’t compromise on clear and instant communication.

1. Bone Conduction

Bone conduction is tested and approved in the field by hundreds of police tactical teams worldwide. Bone conduction keeps your ears open for situational awareness by receiving audio through your temple bone tissue (the bones in front of the ears).

Read our blog to learn why bone conduction two-way radio accessories are ideal for public safety.

Impact’s bone conduction headset has dual bone conduction speakers for receiving audio and a noise-cancelling boom microphone for transmitting audio. Operators may add hearing protection and engage/disengage at will depending on operational circumstances. Compatible with both earplugs and earmuff hearing protection make it perfect for industrial or tactical use.

If you’re not familiar with bone conduction, our blog What is Bone Conduction and How Is It Used In 2-Way Radio Accessories? explains the technology.



Conduction (Temple Transducer) Two-Way Radio Headset with Standard inline Push-to-Talk [PTT)

This headset has dual bone conduction speakers for receiving audio and a noise-canceling boom microphone for transmitting audio.   


1-Wire Surveillance Kit with Bone Conduction Ear Piece and 2.5mm Jack

This bone conduction earpiece allows the user to hear (Rx) and transmit (Tx) through a single earpiece without the need to speak directly into a microphone. It’s a great solution for noisy environments such as concerts, sporting events, nightclubs, and festivals.


Optional Ring Finger Push-to-Talk (PTT) Switch for Headset Models PBM-1, PBH-2 and PBH-3

The FPTT-1 includes an adjustable Velcro strap to secure the switch to the user’s finger and allows users to easily locate the push-to-talk (PTT) switch, without the need to look down.

2. Throat Mics

Throat mics were originally developed for tactical operations as they provide touchless communications but have also become popular with: crane operators, people wearing hazmat suits, all-wheel drive operators, amateur airsoft and paintball enthusiasts.

Throat mics transmit radio communications via the vibrations in your vocal cords. The Impact Heavy Duty Throat Microphone includes dual throat transducers for clearer sound, an oversized PTT (Push-to-Talk), ring-finger switch and molded ear inserts. The PTM-1 is fully submersible and chemical resistant, with high-quality components and a multi-adjustable throat band.

All-wheel-drive operators like throat mics as they enable clear communications with a PTT switch and it’s far less expensive than a wired race helmet.



Heavy Duty Throat Mic for Two-Way Radio with Ring Finger PTT Switch

The PTM-1 is fully submersible and chemical resistant, with high-quality components and a multi-adjustable throat band.

3. Enlarged Push-To-Talk (PTT)

The PRO-PTT is designed for easy operation for users wearing bulky gloves or under protective gear such as a hazmat suit.

The PRO-PTT features a heavy-duty, fully submersible (rated IP68), extra-large PTT switch and cable. Because it’s a specialty item, the PRO-PTT must be custom made to be compatible with throat mics, temple and double muff headsets. Don’t be afraid of it being a custom product, we’ve supplied these to numerous customers and know how to deliver exactly what you need for a price you can afford.

Quick Tip: Learn about Waterproof Ratings and what the IP Numbers Really Mean.



Public Safety Push-To-Talk Cable (PTT Only)

The PRO-PTT can be custom made to be compatible with throat mics, temple, and double muff headsets.

Please contact us for details on this custom order.

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