Top Mission-Critical Radio Accessories for Frontline Medical Professionals

The use of two-way radio equipment at healthcare facilities is on the rise and its importance has become more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Radios provide reliable, instant communication while helping people keep their distance. This is essential for medical professionals working at hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes, and as first responders. These frontline workers are the true heroes and they need radio accessories that not only help them carry out mission-critical communication but also protect them against the spread of the virus.

In the age of COVID-19, sharing is NOT caring when it comes to radio accessories. Medical professionals should not be using the same accessories so equipment with interchangeable options is a must. Impact is working hard to help front-line workers that can’t social distance by providing several options for radio accessories and developing new solutions such as bone conduction earpieces that provide improved communication quality for those wearing masks. In addition, throat conduction mics also help front-line workers meet their changing needs.

If you aren’t familiar with bone conduction, our blog What is Bone Conduction and How is it Used in 2-Way Radio Accessories? explains the technology.

Impact Two-Way Radio Accessories

Impact offers accessories for two-way radio equipment that complement systems at healthcare facilities and are the ideal solution for every budget and application.

  • Platinum Series: Our Platinum Series microphones and earpieces are built tough for heavy use in demanding environments such as hospitals and in the field by first responders. They maintain clear audio, come with a three-year warranty and are wind, impact and dust resistant.
  • Gold Series: The Gold Series earpieces offer our unique Snaptight® feature that allows users to select from 12 different and fully interchangeable earpiece options. This creates the most cost-effective, versatile, and hygienic solution for medical professionals.
  • Silver Series: The Silver Series is remarkably robust and budget-friendly. The earpieces and speaker mic are so cost-effective they’re essentially disposable so you minimize the risk of users sharing. They are the best solution when budget is the prime consideration.
  • Rapid Battery Chargers: Our battery chargers utilize a fully interchangeable cup system that supports most new and discontinued two-way radio batteries.

Benefits of Using Impact’s Two-Way Radio Accessories

  • Clear and Quick Communication: With Impact’s excellent digital audio quality, medical professionals can communicate clearly in their fast-paced environment. Impact has made four major quality improvements to ensure end-users benefit from the best performance in the field.
  • Warranty: At Impact, we design all our products and components and specify all manufacturing methods to ensure quality. They are tested no less than seven times by our Quality Control specialist and then tested again before being shipped.
  • Cost Savings: Impact’s OEM-quality accessories are available at competitive prices. Get killer quality without breaking the bank!

At Impact we are committed to supporting front-line professionals and are stocked with radio accessories our healthcare workers and first responders need.

Contact us today to discover how our accessories can help your front-line workers.

About Impact Radio Accessories

Impact Radio Accessories is a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique communication products including surveillance earpieces for a range of industries and applications, including retail, public safety, security, hospitality, and others. 

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