6 Things to Consider When Buying Portable Two-Way Radio Vehicle Chargers

Portable chargers ensure your two-way radios are up and running no matter where you are. When shopping for a two-way radio vehicle charger, it’s important to buy the right one to meet all your requirements.

Here are 6 things you should consider before making your final decision:

1. What radio brands and models are you charging?

It’s important to note that not every supplier offers chargers for all radio brands and models so you need to ask the right questions to make sure you get the right one.

  • Is the charger cup (pocket) available for the specific radio model?
  • Will the charger be able to support multiple brands and models at one time?

Impact’s battery chargers utilize our fully interchangeable cup system to support most new and discontinued two-way radio batteries.

Our universal rapid 6-bank two-way radio battery charger with USB device support allows you to charge six different batteries with or without the radio attached. It features rapid rate, quad-chemistry charging, and is compatible with a wide range of battery models.

Learn About Our USB Universal Radio Charger

2. Do you need to charge other devices beyond radios?

With almost everyone having multiple mobile and USB-powered devices, you can never have too many charging options.  

Impact offers two vehicle chargers that have USB ports so you can charge your two-way radios and other devices including mobile phones, flashlights, and GPS units.

  1. AC/DC-6-USB Universal Rapid 6-Bank Two-Way Radio Battery Charger with USB Device Support – Charge six different batteries with or without the radio attached! This premium universal rapid two-way radio battery charger with USB device support has an anodized aluminum case for superior strength and durability. Space-saving design with dual internal (not in-line) power source allows you to charge your radios anywhere!
  2. DC-1-USB Universal Single Rapid Vehicle Battery Charger (DC) for Two-Way Radio (with USB Ports) – This universal single rapid vehicle two-way radio battery charger with two USB ports is the ideal solution for charging your portable on the go! Perfect for forestry, public safety, and disaster relief. Includes charger cup, cigarette lighter power cable, and mounting bracket with radio restraint strap.

3. Is your charger required to be wired in the vehicle?

You should check if your radio charger can reach the DC charger in your vehicle. If it doesn’t, you will require a hard-wire kit that provides a 10 foot fused cable for use with Impact AC/DC charger models: AC/DC-3, AC/DC-6, and DC-1.

4. Does your charger need to be mounted in a vehicle?

Failure to secure radios while they are charging in a moving vehicle is a major safety hazard.

Impact offers three charger options that ensure radios are secured safely:

  1. DCK-1 is our Quick Release Vehicle Kit for AC/DC 6-bank Two Way Radio Battery Charger that includes a mounting bracket and bungee cord restraint, preventing radios from dislodging during transit. 
  2. DC-1-USB is our Universal Single Rapid Vehicle Battery Charger (DC) for Two-Way Radio (with USB Ports) offers a mounting to bracket with bungee cord to secure the radio.
  3. AC/DC-3 V3 is our Universal Rapid 3-Bank Two-Way Radio Battery Charger that can be installed with either of these accessories:
    • WB-2 Quick Release Metal Wall Bracket
    • DCK-2 Quick Release Vehicle Kit

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6. How much space do you have for a vehicle charger?

Consider the footprint in your vehicle to make sure you buy the right size. Most vehicles have limited space so it’s important to find space-saving charger options.

Impact’s Universal Rapid 6-Bank Radio Batter Charger with USB Device Support offers a space-saving design with dual internal power source which allows you to charge your radios anywhere.

Questions About Our Radio Accessories?

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