Understanding Impact’s Two-Way Radio Accessory Part Codes

The two-way radio industry is full of acronyms and part codes. Understanding them can be rather complicated and you may wonder if you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what they all mean. Don’t worry, read on to learn the lingo!

We’ve been in the radio accessory business since 1999 and know a thing or two about what dealers and users want in accessories. While part codes may seem confusing, once you understand the logic, it actually makes a lot of sense!

Let’s Help You Learn the Impact Lingo:

  • The first letter always indicates a radio brand
  • All accessories that connect with a two-way radio have their part code start with a connector type
  • The product series type follows to specify out three options: Platinum, Gold, or Silver Series.

Here’s A Breakdown for Two Surveillance Kits:


  • M1 = Connector type Motorola 2 pin
  • P = Platinum Series
  • 2W= Two Wire
  • AT = Acoustic Tube
  • 1 = Type of acoustic tube


  • K2 = Connector type Kenwood multi-pin
  • G = Gold Series
  • 1W = One-wire
  • EH1 = Ear-hook style 1 (our Gold Series includes 12 earpiece options)

Quick Tip: To determine if you need a one-wire or two-wire kit, count the cables coming out of the radio to determine if there are one or two wires.

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