Differences Between Our Platinum, Gold, and Silver Series Radio Accessories

Almost every industry and application have different two-way radio accessory needs. To meet these varying requirements, Impact offers three distinct product series – Platinum, Gold, and Silver – to ensure you have an option for every budget, application, quality level, and warranty. 

Platinum Series

Platinum Series - Heavy Duty Logo

Our Platinum Series is designed for heavy-duty users in public safety, industrial and manufacturing, and construction applications PLUS radio rental fleets. Highlights of the Platinum series include:

  • Competes directly against OEM audio accessory brands but at 30-70% less cost
  • High strength, heavy-duty Kevlar™ reinforced cables
  • High quality Knowles™ microphones and speakers for superior audio quality
  • Noise cancelling and situational awareness options available (see below)
  • 3-Year warranty
  • View all our Platinum earpieces
  • Watch our Platinum Series product videos
P1W-AT1-NC Platinum Noise Cancelling 1-Wire
P1W-AT1-NC Platinum Noise Cancelling 1-Wire

Platinum Earpieces

View all our Platinum earpieces that include 1-wire, 2-wire, 3-wire and Listen Only options. Not sure which wire type? Read our blog Radio Earpieces and Surveillance Kits – Which is right for you?

Platinum Headsets

Impact’s headset are all Platinum and come with a 3-year warranty with the following styles and features:

  • Styles: We offer three styles
    • Over-the-head headsets
    • Behind-the-head headsets
    • Temple transducer headsets (aka bone conduction) keeps your ears open for situational awareness by receiving audio through your temple bone tissue (the bones in front of the ears). Trusted by hundreds of police tactical teams! Check out our popular Platinum Temple Transducer mics: PTHS-SPTT comes with standard inline PTT and the PTHS-WPTT comes with wireless PTT.
PDM-1-NC Behind-the-Head Dual Speaker Heavy-Duty Headset for Two-Way Radio
PDM-1-NC Behind-the-Head Dual Speaker Heavy-Duty Headset for Two-Way Radio
  • Special Features:
    • High Noise Headsets: Our Noise Cancelling headsets are ideal for loud environments such as airports, transportation hubs, factories, construction sites and manufacturing facilities. View all our Noise Cancelling Headsets.
    • Wireless Push-To-Talk (PTT): Our dual muff, heavy duty PDM-2 (with Wireless PTT) over-the-head headset AND PDM-3 (with Wireless PTT) behind-the-head headset includes 2 PTT options:
      • Inline, oversized tactical PTT switch and
      • Remote wireless finger PTT switch using coin-cell, replaceable battery. 

Not sure which PTT? Read our blog 3 Things to Consider when Selecting a PTT Accessory for Your Two-Way Radio

Platinum Speaker Microphones

In addition to Platinum earpieces and headsets, Impact offers a variety of Platinum Speaker Mics. The PRSM-HD3 is a popular IP54-rated speaker mic often used by users in hotels and resorts, warehouses, distribution facilities, events and security.


Check out these other speaker mic features:

  • Waterproof: We offer multiple IP67-rated speaker mics and a submersible military-grade mic (PRSM-HD8-WP) popular for public safety and tactical applications. View all waterproof Platinum Speaker Mics.
  • Noise Cancelling: We offer a variety of noise cancelling mics. The PRSM-HD2-NC reduces most background noise so a user’s voice is more clearly transmitted in high noise situations and is shock, wind, dust, and splash resistant. Our PRSM-HD8-WP is a submersible IP67 rated military-grade speaker mic that combines waterproof functionality with noise suppression into a single microphone. View all noise cancelling Platinum Speaker Mics.

Gold Series

Gold Earpieces

Gold Series - Medium Duty Logo

Best suited for medium-duty applications like hotels and hospitality, business, commercial, events and shared radio equipment applications. Our Gold Series’ Snaptight™ feature has 12 different fully interchangeable earpiece options creating the most cost effective, versatile, and hygienic solution on the market.

  • View all our Gold Series earpieces
  • Uses an interchangeable earpiece system allowing users to customize their earpiece to their application
  • 12 different earpiece styles to choose from
  • Over 3 million units sold and counting
  • Fiber Wire nylon braided cables also available (G1W-FW one-wire or G2W-FW two-wire).
  • 2-year warranty

Watch How the Snaptight™ Feature Works

Gold Speaker Mic

  • GRSM-HD1 is our medium duty speaker mic with 3.5mm jack with large PTT button perfect for users looking for tough but at a lower price than Platinum Series. Splash proof and shock, drop, dust and vibration tested. Commonly used by users in hotels, hospitality, warehousing, distribution centers and retail big box stores.

Silver Series

Silver Earpieces

Silver Series - Light Duty Logo

Our budget-friendly, light-duty Silver Series earpieces are currently used by some of the largest retail stores, restaurants and hotel chains in North America. Designed for low- to medium-duty applications.

Silver Speaker Mic

  • SRSM-MD1 is our light-duty, shoulder mic with 3.5mm accessory jack perfect for the budget-conscious user.

Accessory Options to Suit Your Needs

No matter what your industry, budget, or radio accessory needs, Impact has you covered. Our full range of products includes everything from top-quality accessories for heavy-duty applications to equipment designed with budget in mind. Contact us to learn more.

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