7 Purposes for Two-Way Radios You May Not Expect

Two-way radios provide simple wireless communications for industries and occupations that need rugged and effective solutions (like public safety and construction) but they are also great options for these 7 other applications you may not be so familiar with!

1. Movie Sets

Two-way radios are a staple on movie sets to enable easy communication between different departments (lighting, make-up, props, wardrobe, etc.). Things can change instantaneously on a movie set, and there needs to be clear and fast communication between departments to ensure operations run like clockwork. Impact’s Gold Series earpieces are ideal for movie sets where a two-way radio is being used by multiple people throughout the day. These earpieces, with our unique Snaptight™ features, allow users to select from 12 different and fully interchangeable earpiece options for the most cost-effective, versatile, and hygienic solution on the market.

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2. Winter Sports

Two-way radios are gaining popularity with recreational skiers and snowboarders who use them for safety and to maximize their experience on the mountains. Since there is little to no cell phone service on the mountains, these recreational users use two-way radios to communicate with friends and family.

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Skiers and snowboarders need tough waterproof two-way radio accessories such as Impact’s Platinum Series Heavy Duty Waterproof Speaker ™Mics that are IP67 rated and come with a heavy-duty Kevlar™ coil cable, ensuring crystal clear audio in harsh winter conditions. Ski resort staff also count on two-way radio for indoor and outdoor use.

3. Four Wheel Drive (4WD) / Off-Roading

Two-way communication is essential when you are off-roading since this requires driving through areas where cell phone signals are scarce. This makes two-way radios the perfect option for short-range and long-range communication. Impact’s Platinum Series microphones are available in IP54 or fully waterproof IP67 options for use in demanding environments such as off-roading.

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4. Paintball & Airsoft

Discrete communication is essential if you want to be successful in paintball and airsoft. These recreational activities require communication between team members to carry out coordinated attacks against opponents. Teams that use two-way radios are at an advantage as they can quietly strategize and increase their chance of winning! Impact’s Silver Series Surveillance Kits are ideal for the recreational user as they are incredibly low priced yet remarkably robust. These kits, designed with budget in mind, still offer the user fantastic audio quality and a 1-year warranty.

5. Watersports

Watersports, such as competitive sailing, require teams to communicate under the harshest conditions. Team members need to work as one to achieve maximum speed and finish on top. Impact’s waterproof speaker mics have been put to the test by the best this sport has to offer. These waterproof mics are specifically designed to withstand the most demanding environments.

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6. Golf Courses

Two-way radios and accessories are used by staff at golf courses to communicate and stay in touch to keep the flow of play smooth and golfers happy. Since radios used at golf courses are exposed to environmental elements, radio accessories should be waterproof and able to handle the conditions. Impact’s Gold Series wire surveillance kits were specifically designed to withstand continual use at golf courses. These accessories come with cables reinforced with Kevlar® and top-grade components.

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7. Churches

Communication is key at many churches as some rival the biggest arenas in sports. While COVID may have altered how church services are delivered, maintaining social distance can mean moving services outdoors or members sitting further apart – there is no room for a communication breakdown from unreliable or low-quality earpieces or mics. Impact’s Platinum Series PRSM-HD3 two-way radio speaker microphone is ideal for churches because it provides crystal-clear audio and is the ultimate OEM-alternative for less cost and a better warranty.

For church security, Impact’s Gold Series earpieces like the G1W or G2W are recommended, while the Universal Rapid 6-Bank Two-Way Radio Battery Charger is perfect for when space is an issue.

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