Why 2-Way Radios are Ideal for Construction

By Mark Olsen on December 5, 2018

Two-way radios have long been the preferred method of communication in the construction industry, and it’s easy to see why. With so many moving parts on a construction site, radios allow your team to stay in touch and get their…

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Quality Earpieces and Surveillance Kits for SONIM™ XP5, XP6, XP7

By Mark Olsen on January 12, 2017

New High Quality Earpieces and Surveillance Kits for SONIM™ XP5, XP6, XP7. These ultra-rugged PTT phones with WiFi capabilities, waterproofing, powerful audio and long lasting batteries are becoming a top choice for users in construction, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality and public…

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Vertex EVX-S24 Accessories. Massive Selection Released by Impact.

By Mark Olsen on January 4, 2017

Vertex EVX-S24 Accessories. Vertex EVX-S24 are new, compact and discreet. It’s the smallest and lightest Digital radio that Vertex makes. It’s slim and easy to carry making it ideal for hospitality, education, retail and any other market that values convenience…

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Heavy Duty Headset for Motorola XPR3300/3500 Series

By Mark Olsen on August 29, 2016

Heavy Duty Headset for Motorola XPR3300/3500 Series. Impact now has hundreds of headsets in stock. M17-PDM-1-NC Top grade audio for the professional user. Superior clarity and rugged design at a fraction of the cost! Used by thousands of construction workers,…

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Construction Two-Way Radios Help Everyone on Site

By Mark Olsen on May 10, 2016

Construction Two-Way Radios improve the communications between management and foremen, subcontractors and individual trades people by using 2-way radios and the right accessories.  A contractor or site foreman need to have the ability to notify other team members as to…

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Vertex VX261 VX264 Accessories.

By Mark Olsen on March 17, 2015

Vertex VX261 VX264 Accessories. Impact has a full line of accessories available for the new Vertex VX261 and VX264 including Earpeices, Speaker Mics, Surveillance Kits, Headsets and our Signature Line of Universal Chargers. Shop by industry for the best recommended…

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