Common Two-Way Radio Problems and How to Fix Them

By Mark Olsen on January 2, 2019

Two-way radios are often the most efficient method of communication on the job. As with any technology, it’s possible that issues may arise over time—but fortunately, you can prepare yourself to troubleshoot them effectively. Here are some of the most…

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Why You Need 2-Way Radios at Your Next Event

By Mark Olsen on October 24, 2018

At any event with large crowds, it’s crucial for workers to be able to communicate with each other quickly and reliably. However, BearCom points out that venues such as stadiums and conference centers can be challenging environments for communication systems,…

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5 Reasons Businesses Choose 2-Way Radios over Smartphones

By Mark Olsen on October 10, 2018

Although nearly everyone has access to a smartphone these days, there’s a reason businesses are still opting to use 2-way radios over cellphones for their communication needs. Here, we’ll outline the major advantages that radios can offer in the workplace.…

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Why Buy 2-Way Radio Accessories From a Dealer?

By Mark Olsen on September 26, 2018

If you’re in an industry that uses two-way radio equipment and accessories, it may be difficult to know where to buy from: direct from the supplier, or through a third-party dealer. Here, we’ll discuss some of the key benefits of…

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How to Extend the Life of Your 2-Way Radio Battery and Save Money

By Mark Olsen on September 12, 2018

Whether you’re in public safety, hospitality, or construction, you rely on your 2-way radio’s battery to keep you in communication with your team throughout the day. Here are 6 tips to help you get the most of your battery life.…

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What Is Bone Conduction and How Is It Used in 2-Way Radio Accessories?

By Mark Olsen on August 21, 2018

You’ve probably seen the term ‘bone conduction’ in reference to 2-way radio headsets, but you may not be clear on what it is or how it works. With bone conduction, vibration in your jawbones and cheekbones allow you to hear…

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Situational Awareness vs. Noise Blocking: Choosing the Right Earpiece for Your Application

By Mark Olsen on July 24, 2018

When choosing an earpiece for a specific application, a major consideration will be whether you require noise cancelling or situational awareness. Generally, you cannot have both without getting into high-end, specialized audio accessories. So, how do you know whether to…

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Retail Madness is Coming!

By Mark Olsen on October 4, 2017

Radio Accessories for the 2017 Retail Rush It’s that time of year again where retailers in North America will add over a Million seasonal hires to their payrolls over the next 2 months. Most retail chains and Big Box stores…

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IMPACT Team Profile: Harley Smith

By Mark Olsen on September 13, 2017

The team at IMPACT Radio Accessories is a collective of individuals with a diverse background of experiences. This broad range of experience provides our team with the ability to solve any problem that comes our way and ensure that our…

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4 Reasons to choose Two-way Radios over Cell Phones

By Mark Olsen on August 4, 2017

One question that Impact’s sales reps hear frequently is why should an organization choose to use two way radios instead of cell phones. Cell phones are definitely a great option for keeping teams connected, especially when there’s a large distance…

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