Quality Radio Accessories for Law Enforcement Personnel

By Mark Olsen on September 21, 2021

In law enforcement, where a second can make all the difference, personnel must be equipped with the best quality accessories for their two-way radios. The number one priority for law enforcement personnel is ensuring safety. Two-way radios are an essential…

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8 Things to Consider When Buying Two-Way Radio Earpieces and Surveillance Kits

By Mark Olsen on August 23, 2021

Earpieces and surveillance kits are essential two-way radio accessories, especially in the public safety, hospitality, and retail industries. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 things you need to consider when selecting an earpiece or surveillance kit. 1. Application …

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Platinum Series Speaker Mics from IMPACT

By Mark Olsen on August 16, 2017

IMPACT’s Platinum Series speaker mics cover a full range of professional users from verticals including police, first responders, construction, industrial, military, and hospitality. The following video provides a great overview of the unique features for each of IMPACT’s Platinum Series…

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Schools Get the Best Value with Radio Accessories

By Mark Olsen on May 16, 2016

Two way radios offer educational establishments a vehicle to increase their operational efficiency while affording improved safety and well-being for staff, students and guests. Ranging from the simplest license free handsets to the more complex fully licensed systems there is…

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FDMA and TDMA. Two-Way Radio Explained. Part 9.

By Mark Olsen on February 10, 2015

FDMA Based on access method: Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) FDMA or Frequency Division Multiple Access is an access method that is used by radio systems to share the radio spectrum. The terminology “multiple access” implies the sharing of the…

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Who Uses Two-Way Radio? Two-Way Radio Explained. Part 4.

By Mark Olsen on January 21, 2015

Who Uses Two-Way Radio? Who uses two-way radio? Two-way radio has been used for many years by various organizations and industries. Due to the nature of their operation, they have to utilize two-way radio to address their communication needs. Examples…

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